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GB3HH - 2M Repeater

***UPDATE - 13.10.2023***


Despite the current lack of electricity to the repeater site Nick (G7EKY) has been doing a fabulous job maintaining the power by carrying batteries backwards and forwards to site as and when required and as a club we would like to express our gratitude to him for all his continued efforts.   

With this in mind the situation with the repeater, although currently back on the air, is what would be described as 'fluid' and the continued long term existence of the repeater is still far from assured. 

Thank you to everyone who has contacted the club with messages of support regarding ideas and potential new locations should it be needed and it is great to know that the repeater is still in demand (we have even had a report of HH being heard down in Kent which is brilliant)

Sadly the repeater is currently off air - For safety reasons the power to the repeater location has had to be been removed, this has resulted in GB3HH, together with the 50MHz and 70MHz beacons failing and going off air as the back-up battery power died at around 11:00 AM on the morning of 8th November 2022

This repeater is the clubs repeater, located just outside Buxton it has a fabulous take off in all directions and many of the club members can often be heard on here. Please feel free to jump in and say 'Hi' if you hear us on, or put a call out and see who responds. 

Band: 2m

Licenced for: Analogue Voice

Output frequency: 145.700 MHz

RX frequency: 145.100 MHz

CTCSS Tone: 71.9 Hz

Echolink Node: 97616

Location: Buxton - Derbyshire

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