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Within Amateur radio there is a term that refers to operators who sadly pass away, this term is 'Silent Key'.

The term originates from the days of the early telegraph operators who used a 'Telegraph key' to send messages and information by Morse code, when they died their individual Keys and callsigns were no longer used and so fell silent.. 

This page is dedicated to the memory of past members who are no longer with us, please take a moment to join us in remembering them. 

Bob Bagshaw - G0JNI

Vince Hodgkinson - G0GHV

Bob Clark - G3GSH

Tony Briggs - G8YHX / G0JND /G4SPA

Don Evans - G6NEX

Aubrey Spencer - G7AUB

Mike Miller - G0TGS

Peter Irwin - G0KLR

Eric Thomas - G7UBE

Keith Bagshaw - G8YTX

Mick Thompson - G4HEU

Gill Thompson - G8UAN

Harold Froggatt - G3HQH

Harold Lord - G0BGN

Ken Buxey - G8BUX / G4BUX (Ken kindly left his callsigns to Buxton Club in his Will)

Dave Sherwin - 2E0DHS

Alec Potter - G6XLP

Any readers of this page who should be aware of any past club member missing from the above list are asked to kindly make the web manager aware and they can be added. It is not our intention to exclude any past members for any reason. 

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