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Still hard at work Simon G5SHO is building a Lightweight SOTA/HEMA linked di-pole 

Although altered slightly in so far as I designed my own backplate,  the original idea, design, build information and some of the parts for this has come from Sotabeams., the link to the plans is below. Thank you to them for sharing the idea and contact them for any materials you may need. 

The back side  of the (almost) finished plate, the eyelets are to allow it to be either slid onto a fiberglass pole or tied to a structure

di-pole cad.JPG

The CAD concept line drawing for the backplate.


The body is added to the CAD to see what it will look like when printed. The small holes are the Toroid cable feed and returns and the larger one is the SO239 base mounted socket to allow lightweight packing without the bulk of the coax.

328903791_865499238070671_4812442621841731715_n (1).jpg

More Pictures to follow

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